About Us

Not long ago, two friends decided to take a shot at making a living doing what they loved… & hit a gastronomical bull's eye! 

Setting up shop at our local farmer‘s market, we set out to craft the most delicious & wholesome variety of savory pasty & sweet pies from local growers.  It seemed we at Sixpence Pie Company were on to something….

Blending classic, old world pies with our creative ingredients came so naturally, but was exactly what set us apart.  The hand-held pasty pie crossed the pond from Cornwall, and got a Yankee makeover with uniquely savory, whole ingredients.  It has become a favorite for meals on the go.  Our traditionally inspired quiche boasts our rich custard texture, with satisfying & savory fillings.  Rustic sweet and savory tarts are loved for their perfect texture.

We are committed to using only the most wholesome ingredients in our hand-crafted pies.  No artificial preservatives, flavorings, or colors are used at any stage of production.  Fresh fruits & vegetables, humanely raised meats & poultry & a simple, old world pastry makes for a pie that you can feel good about.  Our mantra is local is always better; that’s why we make a point to team with our market friends, and rely on quality CT suppliers, like Farmer’s Cow, to help make our pies the best they can be.   

Today you can find Sixpence Pies, soups, salads, and our Mash with Gravy, at Sixpence Pie Company restaurants, or at quality grocers.  You can also find us still having fun & feeding the people at Connecticut farmer’s markets!  

We’d love to see you.  Stop by & say hello!